We all know that death is inevitable. But still people live as though they are going to live forever. What keeps them going? It is like there is a long road, people who started walking on that road know that at the end of road there is a ditch. But still they continue to walk?  Is it not wise enough to stop walking??


  Very thoughtful question, Ramya.

  Life is not just humans interpreting their surroundings; trees through inter-cellular communication and interpreting gravity and the location of the sun. And just as the tree stretches out for the sunlight, we as humans reach out for each other and strive for knowledge and meaning. In this way, life is a necessary outcome in the displacement of energy and completes necessary chains of events.

  "Life" allows these necessary connections in the flow and displacement through forms of energy; as humans, as trees, as the flow of a river or the explosion of a volcano. Interpretation, communication, and ultimately exchange, could be said is the meaning of life.

   The atoms, quarks, muons and gluons that we as humans consist of can indirectly, through many exchanges and chemical reactions, interpret the direct energy displacement of other prominent metabolisms of energy (like other humans) and other things that effect the chemical reactions through communication of light, sound, pressure, and temperature. This is why we are "conscious". Every atom is either repelled or attracted to each other; the fact that this occurs means that every atom is effected, or "conscious", of another. The exchange of electrons with another atom and change in composition, are the same exchanges occurring in our brains to make "conscious" decisions and interpretations.

   The above denotes why we need to keep going and the other denotes why we are conscious to enjoy life. Of course, there are exceptions.

   Any questions? Take care, my friend.



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