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One of my teachers of International Relations in college said that philosophy is not science. My friend replied that it was and then the teacher said something to refute it. I wasn't present, however.
If such event repeats itself, how can I refute it?


 Hello, Nathan. This might be a little DEEP but let's find out:

 Conversation Analysis is your ace IN THE HOLE:

 This Analysis (CA) studies all kinds of conversations. It is based on the idea that talk makes things happen and that the conversation analyst has something to say about how. This is NOT science. It's Philosophy because an event can be analysed, even thought it might be REALITY. CA focuses on what participants see and hear. CA analysis does not attempt to include what is HIDDEN, what cannot be known (e.g. emotions) Conversation analysis generally uses video or audio recordings, which are transcribed and analysed.

  Example: No one who really wants to understand the times we live in can afford to ignore this landmark work. Our ideas about where we came from directly influence OUR VIEWS of what life is all about—the future of Christianity and civilization is at stake.

  As I said, this is NOT science. It's Philosophy because DIFFERENT VIEWS become present.

  Let me know if you don't understand something.



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