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Philosophy/Godfather meaning.


Dear Charles

What is the Dictionary meaning of the word "Godfather" ?.
Is it related to philosophy, spirituality ?.

Can we termed our Teacher, Coach, Guide, Spiritual Guru, Blood relations, Close relatives etc as Godfather ?.

How we can use this word in English sentences ?. Can you illustrate this with examples ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

This is really a question about English usage, but I'll be happy to answer it.

The term "godfather" means at least two things: (1) the male who acts as a stand-in for a person being (usually an infant) baptized in one of the Christian churches; (2)  a Mafia chieftain who has power over lesser chieftains. (The Mafia is a worldwide criminal organization.)

Since Francis Ford Coppola's "Godfather" series of movies, the first meaning has practically vanished outside of discourse about religion. As typically used now, it is not related to spirituality or religion for most people. It still retains a spiritual meaning within Christian churches.

It would be used of teacher, coach, guide, etc., only as a joke.

About capitalization. The most general rule is that the first letter of each sentence and proper names are capitalized.


There is a city in Illinois.

"Chicago" is the name of one of the cities in Illinois.

One of the people who lives in Chicago is John.

End of examples.

When we talk about the President of the US, we use "President" with a capital "P"; all other presidents (e.g., of a bank) are called "presidents" with a small "p."

There are all sorts of rules like this that make no sense and just have to be learned.

There are some poets (e. e. cummings being the big example) who do not use capitals in their poetry at all.

There is a tendency developing to capitalize both improper and proper nouns. The English of Shakespeare's time did this, and German does it today.

Sometimes this is done simply out of ignorance. Other times, it is used ironically, to indicate an irrational over-commitment:

His Biceps are his Religion.

Hope this helps.

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