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Everything is a state of mind; when one experiences reality, it is known as consciousness. when one is asleep, is consciousness zero or just very minimal?

Also in your opinion,  which has a greater presence in the universe, mind/consciousness or non-consciousness(for example: space, rock etc.) Does zero-consciousness exist purely, or does everything possess a minimal of consciousness?

Not sure everyone would agree that every level of being entails some kind of conscious experience.  In fact, the majority of Anglo-American philosophers would disagree.

On the other hand, most from the continental tradition, from Spinoza up through Kant and Hegel would agree, as would most of the spiritualists of the world wisdom traditions (Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and Buddhist traditions).

Accepting some version of the Great Chain of Being (Plotinus), there is a corresponding level of consciousness for every level of material being, with the hierarchy rising from the material to the living, to conscious beings.

So even in deep dreamless sleep, there is awareness.  Just not the same kind of awareness available at the waking state.  And likewise, even an atom, or subatomic particle would share in some basic "cosmic" consciousness.

For an interesting investigation of this topic, you might want to take a look at Ken Wilber's Brief History of Everything, which contains an excellent discussion of the varying states and levels of consciousness as he sees them present in each of the widsom traditions.



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