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What will the universe end up as in the distant future?  According to modern science, the universe was an infinitesimally small point and it exploded and expanded to what we see now.  1) What is the universe's future? Scientists say it "may" or "may not" end up in a big crunch (the universe collapses to a black hole singularity)

The Universe was nonexistent  and it may end up as nonexistent! If the universe ends up as nothing, what is the point of the "show"? why go through it all? Why did the universe explode into existence in the first place? (I believe the universe became existent for a reason, and it should be here to stay;Life is good!)

Dear Harry,

Nothing can come out of nothing. That is illogical. The universe evolves and involves. If the universe is evolving now, it will in a cyclical manner, involve and this goes on forever. So, the future of the universe is that it may evolve and after a point, involve.

With regards,
Swami Narasimhananda


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