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if a fresh apple becomes a rotten apple, is the apple still an apple?  if this is the case, is change illusory in the material world?  

when does actual/real change occur?  if existence becomes nothingness or vice versa, does this reflect real change?  thank you for reading .

An "ordinary language" philosopher -- the main variety of the breed not to long ago --- would answer, "Of course a rotten apple is still an apple. Otherwise, we wouldn't call it a rotten APPLE." There answer to the question about whether the change was illusory or not would be, "We evolved to detect changes in the real world; if the change weren't real, we couldn't detect it."

Some of the ancient Greek philosophers would say. "Of course it's a change in the material world. There is ONLY change in the material world. You can't even step in the same river ONCE."

My own position is that of the "ordinary language" philosopher, with the added note that if we feel we can't trust our senses, we can do chemical tests on the apples to see if there is any difference between the rotten one and the fresh one.

Similarly, and ordinary language philosopher would say, "Existence can't become nothingness, otherwise it wouldn't be existence. Nothingness can't become existence, otherwise it wouldn't be nothingness." In general, categories can't change, the things that fall into those categories can. (This is essentially the position of many Greek philosophers, including Plato and Aristotle.

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