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What is the cause of existence?


The answer depends on perspective. If you're a physicist of the most modern persuasion, there's no need for an explanation since everything creates itself; see:

...and look at the Quantum Fluctuations section.

Philosophers laugh at this, and say, "Hey, you forgot to ask how the quantum vacuum came to exist." Physics has not response other than, "Well, we have to start SOMEWHERE."

One philosopher-type response is "God, who was by definition not created, started it all."

The physicists (and a lot of other philosophers) respond with, "Hey, you just postulated that God exists without any evidence, or even an argument. It's a rabbit pulled out of a hat, instead of an answer to a question."

The upshot. There is NO agreement among those who have pondered the question deeply about why anything exists, let alone what the cause is.

My own opinion is that the physicist will, sometime in the near future, find a bit of mathematics that says that the universe cannot NOT exist; claiming it didn't at any point is a contradiction.

The philosophers will then reply, "That assumes that your math accurately reflects reality, which is as dicey as the claim that God has to exist..."

Sorry that nobody has a good handle on this.




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