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Philosophy/Huh? Is the Universe Impossible?


Everything needs a cause, right, or it couldn't happen, right?

But, if everything needs a cause, how could anything happen?

Because the thing that would cause it to happen would also need a cause.

So does that means the universe can't happen/could never get to now?

Or is time a cause in and of itself? And "drags" things as time goes forward, like a replay in a video game? But then time would need a cause too, right?

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman  

God & Devout
God & Devout  
The dearest Adam delivering a rib,with the "apples" of God Almighty!

Very pleased to see you again!As usual I answer the questions in a humorous way...hope you enjoy!


Jews & Nazis were busy with their noses! Dawkins is busy with the ass of the Lawrence Krauss!

I can remove the Dawkins' Tail,using the nose of Nicole Kidman!!!

NOTE:...Nicole Kidman was a proboscis monkey ,before a plastic surgery !!!!!!!!!!She decided then to travel to Hollywood to be a celebrity !!!!!

...I ask you to inform me about the depth of her nose by a concept....You should use a kind of concepts,called "whatness or "quiddity " !

NOTE:...Quddity concepts show the shape and power of her nose....NOT the essence....just the nose's authority!!!

I'm a baboon with a lovely body!!...You can worship my tail as God Almighty!!!!

NOTE:As a Baboon I don't need a tail to be worshiped;but the tail needs a worshiper to be called God Almighty!!!!!

Leave my tail please!!You should worship your "ARE" as the "AM" of yours(i.e. the "Existential Cause" reduced as your identity)!!


Opposite to the bottoms of Lawrence Krauss & Dawkins,EXISTENCE neither comes from NOTHING,nor FROM SOMETHING!

Suppose there are just three ones shaping the cosmos :

1)There's (exists) a question mark in my office!
This is the question mark:"?"!

2)There's (exists) a tree living under me !
It is my office!

3)There's (exists)a big baboon working in my office !
I'm the handsome baboon without a sufficient tail to be worshiped!(I look like Robert Redford with a napkin!!)!

Well;the first parts of the above sentences are EQUAL(i.e. they all exist:The MALE BABOON,"?",and the TREE).Then the second parts of the sentences should be equal(as the same identities):

Male Baboon ="?"=Tree!

BUT THEY differ....Well...from where do the differences enter!!??..out of existence !!!????...



A few asses are seeking God Almighty "besides" the donkeys,while there're several gods ,for several identities !

A donkey is indebted totally to "God Almighty "!"God Almighty " needs the donkey to be called GOD(instead of being "ANONYMOUS ABSOLUTE INFINITY") !

the worshipped one is the "INFINITE ABSOLUTE ",a manifest donkey !
Without the "Anonymous Identity " there wouldn't be any donkey !
Without the "donkey",there still WAS an "Ultimate Reality "!


Either is is,or there isn't any is !
But is is!
Ants think "is " is a big ant ,
to the ass the same "is ", is a donkey !

Atheists think there isn't any Deus/Theos !
Tell them please,though there isn't any Deus ,but is is!
Without is ,there wouldn't be their "am"s!
without their am s,there wouldn't BE any atheist!


God Almighty is a donkey,plus many other things!
A donkey is God Almighty,minus many other things!

Looking at everything your mind,considers it as a separate identity!

SUN & Radiated Rays:...God radiated as Einstein & a monkey!!!

DAWKINS was born after a Big Bang,


I was born before it....I've forgotten my birthday without a BANG

..would you please,

guide me about the exact "time" when wasn't any "time".....??!!!

...I'm musty!!!!!

but HAWKING is A PINOCCHIO with his expanding Nose

I approve it as the following

Which one comes at first?!The volume or the mass ?!The same for "time" which comes after "movement".

As you cannot see the "mass"without "volume"

there is neither a movement without a "time" nor a "time" without "movement"...

TIME is bottomless,opposite to the bottom of LAWRENCE KRAUSS which is something!!!


1)If TIME was FINITE,then there wouldn't be any movement.Without movement,everything would be nothing as an everlasting "raw"(~naive) constant!!!The diversity in the cosmos comes from the "measured movement" or "TIME",which is bottomless forever!!!

2)If objectivity resulted from "SOMETHING"then thinking of a beautiful "burning baboon",your brain or mind might burn totally.

Yours/"Blessed Lunatic Wiseman"(the nonsense/serious/humorous)!


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Hi!I'm a newcomer here;a "satirist philosopher".You may ask your "serious questions",while I'm trying to "burn" the "alfalfa" eaten by "cows",digesting the "beefsteak" in my stomach!! You may chew at the same time a bar of "chocolate"!!!...In this way my "alfalfa" within the "beefsteak" and your "chocolate" in your "stomach",may be "reincarnated" to the "angels" a few miles upon our heads!!People call it "thoughts of ours",while it is just the "blaze" of the "Burning Bush",I mean the burnt "cow+alfalfa+chocolate",ascendant to the "Upstairs of the Existence"!!! ANYHOW;This is an effort to offer "basic answers" to the "basic questions" in a "humorous way",to help the "lay people" dig the "DEPTH" of the "GOD'S NOSE" as the "Cave Men"!!!!!! Questions are welcome about the "cognition" and the "Existential Cause"(i.e. philosophy of religion,philosophy of mind,and a few other philosophical branches such as "metaphysics";for example time & space and the "proboscis nose" of the "cosmos")!!! Political and social questions are welcome too,if-and only if- a "philosophical trigger" fires them!


I'm a famous philosopher author,trying to be humorous anonymous on the net.You may find my academic serious boring books on the bookshelves;but-here- I'm just a nonsense(i.e. an anonymous humorous)philosopher! I'm a satirist a satirist I'm watching the paradoxes,as a philosopher I quest at first!! The result seems to be a "REASONABLE LAUGHTER" at the "CRUXES"!!

You may find my humorous spoor in different sites on the net,but my serious books under my serious name prefer to be hidden in the bookstores!! My serious books are boring,I'd rather my jokes! ...I wish I could hide my location(i.e. my birthplace or the place where my body locates),avoiding to be attributed to the "beautiful poltician apes". Unfortunately-I couldn't!!....Though my "brainless skull" locates NOWHERE,somewhere else!!!

"PhD" in theology and comparative religions,and a few other degrees in philosophy,psychology,linguistics,politics,...s,...s,and [...]s,which are totally useless!! ...People go to universities to read books;though there are many libraries "in" and "out" of their brains!! ...I gained more in my "skull" than the universities and "schools",in which I've wasted my time for more than four decades!!

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