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What would you do if you were stuck in a room for eternity. The room is underwater and you can not breathe, you are also being tortured. If the pain only gets even worse and you can not die/ leave room and you can only ever think about the situation you're in. I have pondered this situation for a long time and am looking for something (ie an idea) that can satisfy me by finding some idea or something satisfying in this situation (theoretical situation of course). Please stop and truly think about this, as the person really can't do anything as this is the worst possible theoretical thing that can happen to anything ever, so what do you think can satisfy? Thank you so very much.

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In such a situation I would think of the true nature of my Self which is not the body and the mind and is free from any external disturbances. I will contemplate on the glory of my soul, the Atman and just ignore the external situations.

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