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I don't know for sure, but what if there isn't a limit on oil at all? What if quantum mysticism is right? What if there isn't a limit on gold or silver or platinum either? I mean humans have made jewelry since at least the time of the Celts but probably back to the Egyptians, but we're sill using and having gold! And it's still plentiful enough to be sold in stores and jewelry shops! Same with silver! What if there's no such thing as a nonrenewable resource? I mean, if resources were going to run out, then we would have mined all of a resource after about 4-12 years, but we are still able to mine/get these resources!

The USGS has a mineral deposit map viewable in Google Earth. And Minex Consulting has discovery and mining data.

This is really a geology/economics question, but I'll try to answer it anyway.

The evidence right now is that we have already recovered most of the gold we're likely to recover. It's a rare element to begin with, and it's heavy, so the great majority of it is probably deep in the earth, beyond the reach of our current technology.

Oil is almost the same issue, except that there are lots of known reserves that haven't been recovered yet. Even so, all the data suggest that we will hit "peak oil production", after which supplies will shrink, not expand, in the relatively near future.

For gold, see:

For oil, see:

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