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I am from India. So you know English is a second language for me, and I find it very difficult. I have a debate on the topic "Educating The Mind Without Educating The Heart Is No Education At All". And I feel lucky to have got to speak "FOR" the topic. Please help me with points for my topic, I know you are an English expert. I have to speak for 3 minutes, and face a 2 minute 'rebuttling' session. Please also give me tips for the debate related to body language, type of clothes, etc. Sorry to be asking too much, but I want a great "pickup line" to begin my debate too. Please help me.

Body Language
Body Language  

Impressed On Tails
Impressed On Tails  
The dearest "Harsh" in the world,sifting the "soft"wares!

I answer the questions in a humorous way...hope you enjoy!

"SILENCE" is necessary for "peace";while talking a lot,leads to "VIOLENCE"! depends on the "object" you want to impress:

Do you want to impress on their noses??!!

Or you're trying to impress on their "tails"??!!

NOTE:I expand the cosmos poking my nose into black holes(i.e. my ears!!).Some people use their tails to imitate donkey's who're injected at rares!!!!!!..Injection makes a lot of noises,called: "heehaws" or the "brays"!!!

You may use the "Khajuraho's body language" to impress on tails.But to impress on their noses,you should wear very modest.

1)You can "whistle" for three minutes.....Then the tails of dogs would move "2" minutes after whistle.

2)You may show cats a few "hills" on your chest or on your rare!!!Cats would be impressed erecting their tails!!!

But to impress on their hearts,you should remain "silent" for "three" minutes,asking them to think "2" minutes about the cosmos.

CONCLUSION:...write on a board:"Aliens are busy with the noise of warlords(noises radiated from earth to the cosmos).Let us send a bit of silence..."!!

Yours/"Blessed Lunatic Wiseman"(the nonsense/serious/humorous)!  


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Hi!I'm a newcomer here;a "satirist philosopher".You may ask your "serious questions",while I'm trying to "burn" the "alfalfa" eaten by "cows",digesting the "beefsteak" in my stomach!! You may chew at the same time a bar of "chocolate"!!!...In this way my "alfalfa" within the "beefsteak" and your "chocolate" in your "stomach",may be "reincarnated" to the "angels" a few miles upon our heads!!People call it "thoughts of ours",while it is just the "blaze" of the "Burning Bush",I mean the burnt "cow+alfalfa+chocolate",ascendant to the "Upstairs of the Existence"!!! ANYHOW;This is an effort to offer "basic answers" to the "basic questions" in a "humorous way",to help the "lay people" dig the "DEPTH" of the "GOD'S NOSE" as the "Cave Men"!!!!!! Questions are welcome about the "cognition" and the "Existential Cause"(i.e. philosophy of religion,philosophy of mind,and a few other philosophical branches such as "metaphysics";for example time & space and the "proboscis nose" of the "cosmos")!!! Political and social questions are welcome too,if-and only if- a "philosophical trigger" fires them!


I'm a famous philosopher author,trying to be humorous anonymous on the net.You may find my academic serious boring books on the bookshelves;but-here- I'm just a nonsense(i.e. an anonymous humorous)philosopher! I'm a satirist a satirist I'm watching the paradoxes,as a philosopher I quest at first!! The result seems to be a "REASONABLE LAUGHTER" at the "CRUXES"!!

You may find my humorous spoor in different sites on the net,but my serious books under my serious name prefer to be hidden in the bookstores!! My serious books are boring,I'd rather my jokes! ...I wish I could hide my location(i.e. my birthplace or the place where my body locates),avoiding to be attributed to the "beautiful poltician apes". Unfortunately-I couldn't!!....Though my "brainless skull" locates NOWHERE,somewhere else!!!

"PhD" in theology and comparative religions,and a few other degrees in philosophy,psychology,linguistics,politics,...s,...s,and [...]s,which are totally useless!! ...People go to universities to read books;though there are many libraries "in" and "out" of their brains!! ...I gained more in my "skull" than the universities and "schools",in which I've wasted my time for more than four decades!!

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