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Dear Steven

It is difficult to answer but still do you feel Romeo and Juliet is the best novel by Shakespeare among all his plays?.

Thanks & regards
Prashant s akerkar

Many of Shakespeare's plays are amazing: R&J, Hamlet, Henry V, Richard III, Othello, Macbeth.  And the comedies: Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night, Midsummer's Night.

Shakespeare is a master in tapping into the basic structure of comedy/tragedy, which harkens back to Aristotle's analyses in the Poetics.  Every good movie, play, television series makes use of the essential features outlined by Aristotle.

Shakespeare does it with poetic majesty and wit and consistency that is unparalleled by anyone else.

If I had to cast my vote, it would be Hamlet (which served as the basis for the recently televised series Sons of Anarchy).

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