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I want to apply for phd in some Australian universities. My area of study is existentialist feminism. I am struggling with my research proposal. Can you help me with a few samples to just help me get an idea? The most difficult part for me is the methodology as the guidelines require us to write about that too.

Typically the methodology includes not only your thesis topic (the central question or theme of you thesis) but who you will be relying on to support your thesis (essentially a who's who of theories taken from the bibliography of your dissertation).  Don't worry that it's not written yet...pick your thesis topic, draft your tentative bibliography of sources, then flesh out a description of your project.   Writing the thesis will be an exercise of filling in all the details.

Now...what's your topic?  Several approaches are possible.

1.  Follow your what genuinely interests you.  This will be the easiest to write but you may run into obstacles with committee members who disagree, and may not yield a plethora of job opportunities if you choose to enter academia.

2. Pick a thesis that is topical...something being discussed currently in the journals.  This will help your future employment and publishing opportunities.

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