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Philosophy/bucket list of 30 yrs age


regarding you are an expert on bucket list , I have some question and confused

1- from long time before knowing bucket list philosophy , I had written on my journal my whole desires which reach 100 items , yesterday when I try to writing my bucket list , I reached 40 items and still have a lot to complete but I fond that the items listed on both desires and buck list is almost common , so whats the difference from your point of view ?

2- is are something unrealistic on my bucket list , unfortunately the majority related to self fullfillment and satisfaction and enjoyment , the minor is related to my message and make people happy , so please comment ?

3- I m multi - talented persons has 30 yrs old does bucket list philosophy is suitable for me because , distraction is my major problem on my live ?

4- I think bucket list made for rich people and the countries of first world , so what matter for someone have little financial potentials and live on development country which obligate him to take a visa for any place he want to visit ? not like Europeans or American who can travel anywhere with their passports , so bucket list theory  for specific peoples not anyone can achieve his list or items on it ?

5- does bucket list may contain something for owning for instance have a classic home on specific island or the bucket list must contain something to implement not to owe

6-- can you share my bucket list and give me your commentary if you mind ?

thanks and best regards

Sorry to be late in responding. I have been ill.

1.) A bucket list is only a list, and a list is only a means of helping us get organized enough to do what we want to do. Anything you want that you don't have is likely to wind up on your bucket list. That's true for all of us. At the same time, no one HAS to do a bucket list. It is merely a tool for living life, if you want to live life that way.

2.) I can't comment on how realistic your bucket list items are without seeing the list.

3.) Since distraction is a problem, any organizing technique, including lists, is likely to be useful for you.

4.) Regardless of restrictions, anyone can make a list of items he wants to have done, and do them. Whether they can realistically be done, given restrictions and finances, is another question entirely.

5.) A bucket list can be anything you want it to be. It can contain anything you want. Of course, one must be realistic about what is and is not likely to be possible. As a 65-year-old liver transplant recipient, I am not going to be selected to be the first human on Mars, no matter how much I want to go.

6.) I would be happy to look over your bucket list if you want to send it to me.

Hope this helps.




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