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I'm sure Star Trek Vulcans take some liberties with what is logic, but what isn't considered logic that still helps us live our lives and make proper decisions that is in every way just as real?

Your observation is correct.  We don't use logic/reason all the time.  What do we use instead?  A few alternatives might be:

1. Habit (most common)
2. Belief (religious authority)
3. Emotional reaction (commercials/political speeches make best use of these by evoking an emotional response that short circuits or bypasses our ability to reason correctly, i.e., logically)
4. Psychological factors, e.g., neurotic tendencies.

It's not any inherent limitation of logic is limited that gets us into trouble, it's that we don't use it enough that gets us into trouble.

What's worse, is that when we are confronted with facts that contradict 1-4 above, we most often rationalize away the contradiction and maintain the false belief/unjustified action over the truth.

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