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I began studying research methods by myself. One the the issues that helps the researcher to decide whether to write a qualitative or quantitative research is his or her philosophical worldview.

The research methods book that I am studying barely provides any meaningful discussion of positivism, postpositivism, social constructivism, etc.

Could you inform me of philosophical introductory works that explain these main worldviews and, perhaps, compares them to each other?

You may also inform me of mildly difficult philosophical works too, for my plan is to read only one introductory book or article that explains the main worldviews, and then choose something more profound based on the worldview that I will choose in order to do my research.


There are several texts I would recommend, each of which is very readable.

Bertrand Russell, Introduction to Philosophy
A.J. Ayer, Language Truth and Logic
Karl Popper, Conjectures and Refutations

Each is a classic in the history of positivism.

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