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    kindly give me an descriptive answer of my question
  what is the difference between ethics and morality ?

Ethics is the branch of philosophy that deals with universal questions of right and wrong and pursues the principle or set of principles that determine what is right/wrong or good/bad.

Ethical principles are universal, they do not vary with time, place, manner, object, or context.

Morality deals with norms, rules that govern what is acceptable behavior at a given time or place.  Morality changes with time and location.

An example to help understand this distinction:

Slavery in the U.S. was at one time moral.  A southern landowner was expected to own slaves in order to thrive.  Owning slaves was a status symbol, a mark of one's wealth.  It was viewed as moral because religious, economic, and pseudo-scientific justifications were made sanctioning the institution of slavery.

Slavery in the U.S is now seen as immoral.  No one would justify owning slaves as our moral standards have changed since the mid 1800's.

Slavery is, was, and never will be ethical.  No matter which ethical theory one appeals to, e.g. utilitariansim, Kantian deontology, virtue ethics, each deems the treatment of another rational being as property inconsistent with its own principles, therefore, unethical.  


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