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I have had a mild case of claustrophobia for most of my life.  I can go into elevators for a short time.  I can go into small areas for a short time as long as I know I can get out quickly if I need to, so I believe that I have more of a fear of being trapped itself than a fear of enclosed places.  I have a pretty good idea of when it started but it has gradually gotten worse over the years and I need to find a way to control this.  Is there a phobia of being trapped and what is it called giving a name to my phobia will help me I think.   I am of the belief that once something has a name it is tangible and therefore changeable.  I will be looking into this EFT theory to see if it helps and no, I cannot see a professional as I cannot financially afford it at this time.  Any additional help or ideas would be appreciated.
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There is a online if you want to check to see if there is a specific named phobia for your fear issue. There are potentially millions of phobia names, each tailored to an individual's unique fear set.

Phobias don't improve over time, as you have discovered. They keep crying out for treatment and EFT is about the only true healing work that will neutralize a phobia, often in just a few minutes.

Look at the site for directions as to how you can apply the EFT principles to your fear. Knowing the cause will help facilitate healing time, generally. I wouldn't waste time trying to "name" your phobia, just use EFT on it and it should be gone in no time.

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