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Hello, I'm currently a senior in high school and must do a graduation project to graduate as per state law. My graduation project is a research paper of which I am doing on anxiety and its different "forms" including generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks and phobias. I need at least one primary resource and this website was on my schools pathfinder, I do not have a specific question but would love if you could tell me any kind of information you know about any of the forms of anxiety. Please and thank you!

Jessica, Wow, things have changed a lot since I was in high school!  

In general, phobias/panic attacks are formed from traumatic memories that haven't been processed and released by your mind-body. What might be an extreme trauma to some people can just be shaken off by others, so it is a very individual event and reaction.

Phobias and panic attacks are triggered by something that looks, smells, tastes and acts like the original trauma, setting off the "fight-or-flight" response along with the rush of adrenaline from the adrenal glands. This is an involuntary response and almost impossible to control when it occurs. And it doesn't get better with time that has passed since the original event. Actually, the responses tend to increase in intensity and frequency until you do something active to neutralize the traumatic memories.

Doctors and mental health professionals are all trained to give drugs and set up endless talk therapy sessions, in an effort to get the patient to overcome/nullify the memory event. The failure rate of this kind of therapy is extremely high.

The EFT process (emotional freedom technique - often referred to as "tapping") will actually use the body's electrical system to discharge the emotional content of the memory so it no longer becomes a trigger for another panic attack. EFT seems like it shouldn't be doing anything, but it is based upon Oriental medicine techniques that have been in use for thousands of years. Fortunately, you can use your fingertips to do the tapping on the "meridian system" points, instead of using needles. The effect is the same, in the end. The memory is really just a stored electrical event, like the memory in your cell phone/computer. You can go in and alter the content so that it doesn't look/act/feel the same in the same way. EFT doesn't erase the memories, but you no longer care about what happened. You can't "feel it" anymore.

In the end, anxiety-related upsets are pretty much the same. The "forms" are just the content and intensity of the response to an unhealed event. It is like phobias... people all want to label them to help categorize them into some neat little box, but when they have a fear that they can't find on a list somewhere, they think they have something incurable or very special that no one else has. There are potentially a million phobias or more, with each unique to the individual's own circumstance and response pattern. Yes, there are a lot of general forms of phobias that many people share, but just because there aren't enough people reporting a specific phobia doesn't mean that it is special or unique in all of the world. It is just unique to them, in the moment.

In the end, we have success with over 85% of all phobias and anxiety issues, without using drugs (which can have horrible side-effects) and having people spending endless hours on the therapy couch telling and retelling the same stories.

Look into all the EFT-related sites on the web to learn more about this fast growing and highly effective method of treating anxiety-related conditions.

Best wishes on your project and your upcoming graduation. The world needs more people out there to help those who are suffering needlessly from anxiety-related traumas.

William Silver


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