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I can't help but to stare at other people's butts particularly those of the same gender, what can i do, plase help :(


Obsessive or compulsive behaviors are generally linked to some past underlying emotional issue which has gone unrecognized or unhealed. If you can remember when this fascination began, it might give you more insight as to the nature of this issue.

I have found that the EFT process is helpful in breaking the spell of all kinds of emotional behaviors and leftover mental traumas/programming that has come from someone else, usually.

Look up EFT on the web: emotional freedom technique, not electronic funds transfer! You will find sites like:

where you can learn about this self-help healing technique that is used widely on many kinds of emotionally charged issues. You might want to track down a local EFT practitioner to get you started, then carry on, on your own.

Otherwise, going to a medical professional will get you some drugs and a few months of talk therapy, which they think will help, but it won't.

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We can answer most inquiries about common phobias and direct those interested parties to some appropriate resources, if I am unable to assist directly.


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