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Phobias/Noise sensitivity


I go into flight/fight syndrome and have to get out when people chew gum and snap/pop it and other mouth chewing sounds. Cannot go into an indoor theatre, cannot live in an apartment, and I live out of my car. I am 63 years old. I am going to a good job tomorrow (01-03-2013)that I quit on the first day two years ago because of workers chewing gum, hard candy, etc. It is with the IRS and I do not want to quit. I like working there. Worked for 2 years in the IRS mailroom. I need money and a job. When I confronted my boss at IRS she said it sounds like post traumatic stress disorder. I was in the military for 7 years, but not in combat. The Air Force seemed good for me and I got an honorable discharge. How do I prove that I have this handicap?  Please help.

Curt,  I have had a few of these questions about this condition. It doesn't seem to be related to PTSD, necessarily, but pinning down the cause/cure is somewhat elusive.

Here are some sites with suggestions:

I haven't had direct experience trying out the EFT process with it, but it can't hurt and there are no drugs to deal with either.

As you can see, going through these sites, you are not alone in your discomfort.

Best wishes,

William Silver


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