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Dear Dr. William,
I am 45 years male with mitral valve prolapse since 5 years & suffering from severe health anxiety since 10 years. I have been living with different fears from time to time related to health, especially heart. I have been to so many cardiologist & neurologist to get assurance from different fears. I did my cardio test also.I walk daily for 40 minutes & eat health food. I know all anxiety symptoms & was living with anxiety. My problem is My symptoms comes without any anxiety, provoke or fear. I feel my nerve making pressure/vibrating on chest,left face & jaw, head, leg & elbow. until now i have been facing without fear. sometimes i feel something on my left face, Now i started fearing that i will get paralysis. this fear is making me severe anxiety & i am obsessing about it.
i know anxiety & panic is causing numbness, tingling feelings in leg, hand face etc. but still i am not able to convince myself i am obsessing it is paralysis.
i am afraid to google about paralysis and need some help about paralysis, so i can fight with this symptoms. i need to know that, i want to know how paralysis is caused it should be some serious disease or stroke. plz help me so i can convince my mind that this is all anxiety and not the symptoms of paralysis. I went to neruologist, they started me on cipralex and told me this is all anxiety related. i want to tell my mind through cognitive therapy that this is anxiety symptoms & for paralysis you have to have so & so problems, then only it will come.
i will be grateful to you & god bless u.
Thanks & regards.


Any sort of childhood traumatic experience can trigger PTSD-related anxiety issues which do not resolve on their own. In your case, the more anxiety you experience the more tension you create within your entire body, which restricts the flow of blood and nutrients to all of your cells which is required for rejuvenation and well-being.

Your mind would rather be right than happy, so it keeps coming up with "proof" that you have conditions that you might not even have, in order to justify the anxiety feelings that are coming in from another, separate source. To untangle and unravel this situation, you must neutralize all the past memories which have created the tension in the first place.

If you do some research on who in your part of the world is available to do some EFT sessions with you, either live or over the phone, I think that a lot of your symptoms will resolve and your anxiety levels will drop off markedly.

It would appear that your current medical team is not providing the kind of healing and resolution that is truly effect so try EFT instead. There are no medications or side-effects to deal with and the results are generally immediate and long-lasting.

Once you have released the traumatic memories, your whole being will relax and start to rejuvenate your cells, organs and tissues, allowing them to work as they were designed.

I hope this brings you the relief that you seek. I know it will be helpful, in any case.

William Silver


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