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When i was younger i drank a lot and i also smoked, once after smoking some weed i got a panic attack, i thought i'd die, after that i had panic attacks just by thinking about drugs or smoking or by being around people drinking. I always monitored myself and whenever my body did something i didn't know what it was, i got anxious. Since then i managed to tone that down, i haven't drank or smoke ever since but still i have a problem, if i even have to talk about drugs i feel bad and it makes life really hard when i can'T sleep for days because I'm worried about things like this. I have to wash my hands real often... I would like to know what could i do to make this stop.
Thank you

Hi, This is a phobia, which is most lilely brought about by Hypoglycemia (,) which causes the over-production of stress hormones. These form the symptoms of mood disorders and phobias over which you would not have conscious control.
This can be treated by going on a Hypoglycemic Diet (

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