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Phobias/Cannot stand heavy breathing / panting


I don't know if this is a phobia or a deeply seated pet peeve that is taking over my life but I cannot stand the sound of heavy breathing or panting. I first noticed it when I was a kid, and I only found it mildly annoying but as I grew older, I find myself being unable to hear anyone's breathing. I can't even stand listening to my own self when I work out so I always listen to music. I feel sick when I hear any form of breathing or panting at the gym, movies, on the bus, etc.. Is there some form of behavioral treatment I can administer on myself so I can go about my day without stressing over something as basic as breathing?


You are not alone with this condition:

As far as treatment goes, you can follow what they suggest, but a free and possible worthwhile treatment protocol is the EFT process (tapping) which is explained on sites such as: and

I hope you find some relief with these site suggestions.

William Silver


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