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Phobias/Is this a phobia or some kind of disorder?


I become too worried about touching objects. I feel the need to wash my hands frequently after touching objects touched by somebody else. As a result, even after touching some object accidentally I feel compelled to wash that part of my body. The reason I am concerned about this is because it is affecting my productivity and ability to go about my normal activities. Part of the reason for this is that I was informed by a medical health 'expert' that diseases can spread from inanimate objects, meaning that for eg., if an infected person A touches an object and then another person B touches the same object, then B has a likelihood of contracting the infection from A. Kindly let me know if my concern is genuine or is it just fictitious or something which I should just ignore? Do let me know the solution to my problem. Because it is wasting a lot of my time and energy which could be productively spent elsewhere.


You appear to have a condition called OCD.... see

There are thousands of websites about the various OCD conditions. A natural healing method called EFT may be the answer to your situation.

or use the other worldwide websites to find a practitioner or just learn to do it yourself at sites like or and

The world is mostly composed of bacteria and other microscopic material, which is either helpful or harmful, depending upon what the strain is and what its job is, as well. You cannot avoid these microorganisms and stay alive on the planet. Conversely, improper hygiene will expose you to some harmful agents, especially if you are no inoculated against them.

I think that "tapping" on your concerns is the first line of defense in handling your fears and concerns.  If you have difficulty in doing this as a self-treatment, then locate an EFT practitioner who can help get you on track.  

If you read through the Mayo Clinic "medical model" it includes lots of drugs (with side-effects) and many talk therapy sessions, once your full medical work-up and history are known. This is all very expensive and time-consuming.  There is nothing to lose using EFT first.

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