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Phobias/Do I have a phobia of social situations?


I have always had an anxiety disorder and social anxiety but I was always able to deal with the latter in a way of throwing my nervousness out the window. Now I can't seem to do that.

At 28, the idea of being in any social situation leaves me in a mess. Whether it is dealing with a single individual or a group. I've never been good with people. It was always hard for me to make friends... and I won't even mention how my love life has suffered. I am about to go to college for the first time and I still have a little over a month before it starts, and I'm already thinking of ways to get out of it despite how bad I want to go. I have horrible panic attacks. I worry I won't fit in, people will bully me(been a victim of bullying all my life), failing my classes and just about everything under the sun.

My family and the few friends I have think I am just paranoid and "putting the cart before the horse"(I hate this statement...)

But I'm really concern because I only seem to get worse.

So is it possible?


Social phobias are widely recognized as a major issue, especially for young people. Sorry to hear that your family is not very understanding and supportive of your situation and condition.

Try a drug-free option, called EFT (emotional freedom technique) to help you overcome your fears and anxiety issues. The home sites like and offer information and demonstrations about how this works and how you can learn to do it for yourself. In the beginning I highly recommend that you have someone coaching you through the rough parts of your transformation. Either check the EFT sites for listings or just type in "EFT and your city location" which will usually pull up some local practitioners. EFT sessions can be done on the phone, as well, so distance isn't an object in the way of your healing process.

Untreated, anxiety issues only continue to amplify, as your mind-body seeks relief from the causes, which are often unresolved traumatic memories from the past.

I hope this is helpful for you. Your social anxiety symptoms are real and recognized by health professionals.

William Silver  


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