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Phobias/Social Phobia


I am male 36.
I am on 3 mg/day Risperidone and with no depression or anxiety, but I have a fear to be in any community and scared to go out of home. I think it is social phobia.
I like to be at home watch television, work with computer, watch films on computer and am very happy with this lifestyle.
But because it is not a good thing to be at home I said to my doctor to prescribe me Sertraline and she refused because of it may cause hallucinations.
But I started sertraline by myself 50 mg/day. hope it to cause me go out of home.
My only fear is if it causes suicidal thoughts and some depression.
Is it that bad taking this drug? and does its benefits more than its side effects?
Thank you.

Hi Maziar,

I believe you should try to treat this condition without resort to drugs and by nutritional means. I would like to to discuss the following article with your doctor to nutritional doctor and then get off the medication very gradually when you start to to feel better. Read the following articles:

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You can also study our self-help psychotherapy course which is explained at:

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