QUESTION: Hello sir,I am 35.I had a fear for five years that my upper front teeth(which are root canalled and capped 7years ago)could protruded and I become an ugly man before every one.but a few months ago I received an advice from an expert that It could not happened unless an external force act on it and I does not have any of this I fear that my continuous thinking about teeth protrusion(for five years) making it happen really.pls answer me.

ANSWER: Hello, While the mind is a powerful force in molding many areas of our bodies and overall health, the alignment of your teeth is pretty well fixed owing to your own DNA coding. It takes an orthodontist months or years of adjusting braces to affect tooth alignment in an effort to overcome the natural placement of your teeth, through constant physical force of a mechanical means.

People who grind their teeth unconsciously can wear them down in unusual ways, but it doesn't affect their basic alignment. I think that you should review what triggered your sudden fear of this "problem" at age 30 to better understand the underlying causes of your anxiety. Anxiety is generally triggered by an emotional trauma of some kind, either through an accident or rejection, loss of a loved one or other emotional loss.

Use of healing techniques like the EFT (emotional freedom technique) helps to release and relieve trauma-induced anxiety very quickly, but gently without the use of medications or endless years of talk therapy. See how this can help you at any of the hundreds of "energy medicine" websites such as:

Learning this easy tapping technique can be a life-changing moment in the lives of all who apply this work in their daily lives.

Best wishes,

William Silver

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QUESTION: Sir ,did you mean that mind could not not do anything on teeth movement?

That is correct. Your DNA is the chief predictor of how your teeth will grow. Those traits come from your mother and father's DNA framework. You cannot "will" your teeth to go straight or crooked. That is determined by your biology not your mental state.

William Silver


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