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I was wondering if you could help me out a little. I'm not sure how to handle myself.
So I'm 21 and I currently live at my girlfriends house. I have no job and I'm applying for online collage. Not sure what that has to do with anything. BUT I'm not diagnosed with anything but depression. I strongly believe I have agoraphobia and ADD. Although I haven't spoken to anyone about this. I'm not sure what my health care coverage is on anything because I avoid talking to anyone about  it. Can you guide me to some resources? I'm pretty stressed out and I have a lot of responsibilities I want to know how to handle. I'm scared to death to work a job. I'm not lazy, I have a nice straitened up house I clean every day and I have a son I take care of. Can you help me in any way?
Give me resources?
Someone to talk to online about this?
Advice maybe?
Thank you. Your answer will be much appreciated.

Pennie, active depression can heavily influence your desires to make major changes in your life that might look like some other condition/illness.

Have you looked up the definitions of ADD and agoraphobia to see if they really reflect your feelings and current beliefs about you and your life?  Agoraphobia is a condition where people go into anxiety/fear even thinking about leaving their house. ADD comes in many, many variations and levels of dysfunction/disability.

There are probably many forums where you can discuss your "diagnosis" on line. You do need to speak with a professional and be diagnosed accurately about your actual conditions. Not knowing your background/back story, one can't get much of a feeling for when/where your condition may have begun. If you suffered some childhood trauma, known or unknown, then there is a different path of treatment than if you have something that is more genetic or a particular personality trait.

I always suggest that people explore the opportunities and possibilities of the EFT process, which is a very dynamic healing modality which doesn't require drugs and long talk sessions. See more about it at sites like: and for details as well as to connect with a local practitioner who can work with you directly or even over the phone.

I realize that being a young single parent is very stressful and challenging, however women have risen to the challenge throughout history. You do have to clear out any old trauma memories or experiences which are keeping you in fear at the moment, though. Once all of that is out of the way, it will free up a lot of your mental and physical energy to look at your life differently and find ways to integrate being a parent and become a viable, productive worker at some job that suits your own unique talents and abilities.

I hope this is helpful for you,

William Silver  


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