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Do u feel loss in control and dizziness and loseness and shivering in hands after staying half or a full day in home and suddenly going in an party area or out of house 2.what i do for controlling shivering in body movements or shivering in talking when i go out to public places. to control my voice from shaking between peoples and also when i go out i got some emptiness feeling like i have no body and iam going to fell down to ground.AND my feet and hands and head starts shivering when someone look at me or move past me when iam in areas where peoples are more and also when anyone look at me when talking i can't talk to him i had to look somewhere to talk please tell anything to control it

Sunny, I would suggest that you have a full medical workup done, so that anything organic or physical is causing these issues.

If you clear a medical evaluation, then it sounds more like social phobia or a related anxiety issue. These may or may not respond to some EFT (emotional freedom technique) sessions. EFT is an easy and effective way to clear out trauma-related issues which can cause anxiety triggers, which results in the kind of feelings that you are experiencing.

There are many EFT sites available which provide information and links to practitioners...

and many more.

EFT is acupressure-based, does not require or include medications or months/years of sessions in most cases.

Anxiety conditions are almost always related to unresolved traumatic memories and experiences. Clear the past memories and the anxiety responses should subside.

I hope this is helpful for you,

William Silver  


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