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I pretty much don't leave the house. I have a lot of issues, major depressive disorder though I am in good control of my moods most of the time through tools learned in an intensive year of CBT treatment for BPD, PTSD in physical and emotional ways from sexual abuse in childhood and adulthood and other domestic violence; I have the occasional full blown panic attack but mostly just avoidance disorder-- every time something makes me nervous I don't do it, like dealing with finances, taking care of the house, taking showers, and more.

I never leave home unless I have to. I won't even go into the yard. I don't really think about it but I can be indoors for three months and realize I have never walked out the door. Groceries and meds are delivered; I order everything online.

BUT I am NOT afraid once I am out there. I am not afraid I will have a panic attack. I like it. It reminds me of who I used to be. There are situations where I panic such as getting lost, but when I know where I am I feel free. But I can't leave the house!! I can do it with someone else though.

Unless I have to, which is hard but I do it. I no longer miss appointments because I can't leave.

So agoraphobia doesn't seem to describe me. Avoidance disorder is pretty strong but there has got to be something about leaving the house. I hate it!

I have had many years of therapy by various types of therapists as well as psychiatrists, and have gotten sick of it, by the way. I have had some good therapists but on medicaid they switch you around between interns and most of them are bad. So I finally decided I had had enough and it wasn't useful. Thus I have no interest in trying that again. Other people are in far greater need than I am.


Those us who prefer and promote the power of the EFT process will just zero in on the "feeling" that comes over you when you anticipate leaving the house and see what occurs to you. Sometimes, it might not be just a mental block/fear but a physical feeling that arises within you. Pay attention to where the feeling is in your body.

The EFT process is a combination of "tapping" on a series of acupressure points with your fingertips while focusing on the specific feeling or fear. Generally, whatever is in your thoughts will just neutralize and dissolve within a few rounds of tapping.

Check for EFT practitioners around your city in a web search and connect with someone who can assist you directly. EFT sessions can be done on the phone, as well as in person, with great effect.

Main EFT sites are: among hundreds of other similar sites.

Once you have adopted the use of EFT, I think you can work through the old patterns of trauma, sadness, grief, anger and fear, resulting in a whole new you... all without the nasty side-effects of drugs or more months/years of talk therapy. I have been using this with great success for over 30 years and see miracles after miracles occur.

I think you will be amazed at the results of a few EFT sessions. Summer is here... go outside and enjoy nature and being with other people again.

Best wishes,

William Silver


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