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I been terrify of spiders since I was kid. Where I work, there are brown recluse spiders and daddy long legs everywhere. Once, I saw a brown recluse and I had a small panic attack and I almost knocked down a barrel of empty glass. How can I overcome my fear? If I see another one, I will scream and cry and I'm afraid I might get fired.

Anna, childhood traumas can persist into adulthood, as you have discovered.

Simple phobias are easily healed using the EFT process. You may even be able to clear this one by yourself, once you learn the easy "tapping" method.

Check out site for instructions. If you can't quite clear it out on your own, then search EFT and your local city to find an EFT practitoner who can assist you. Probably be over it in less than one hour....

Wear gloves and protective clothing around dangerous spiders, of course, and be watchful for critters who live in dark places, but most spiders are not dangerous and we all have to learn to live together as they are part of the balance of life.

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