I think I have something called "Hypnophobia/Somniphobia", or the fear of sleep.. It's not like I can't sleep, it's more like when I'm tired & my body wants to sleep I'm scared to do so... Thoughts like: what if sleep is like being unconscious/or dead? or What happens to us during sleep ? or why can't we remember or exact moments of sleep ? Also, what if I forgot to breathe during my sleep starts pooping ? This is been going for the last 5 to 6 years after I had a seizure which I believe affected the way I think towards sleep( cz I used to love it really), also trying to convince myself that these thoughts are irrelevant with logical thoughts didn't workout for me, and I keep reminding myself of them when I'm scared to sleep, they are sort of a compulsion to me which I believe makes the situation worse long term( but I'm not sure, I'm not an expert after all lol), so what do I need to do to get better ? Is there any sort of treatment I can do to heal (like Acceptance therapy & CBT for example) any suggestions, tips, anything really would be appreciated... Thanks in Advance :D

Ibrahim, any kinds of phobias are usually connected to some kind of deep fear/trauma issue that turns into some form of PTSD eventually. Time and trying to "think it out" really doesn't work for deep-seated traumatic memories/events. You must do active therapy/healing work on the event to neutralize it.

EFT (emotional freedom technique) offers a powerful and rapid way to clear out old traumas and harmful memories that get stuck in your mind/body. Go to any of the dozens/hundreds of EFT "tapping" websites for details on how to do this yourself or to find an EFT practitioner to assist you.  are good places to begin or do a local search to see who might be in your city/area to help you out.

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