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Phobias/fear of death


Hi lately I have been trying to help my mother with her fear of death while talking to her about dying and what scares her about it I began to realize that every time we started to talk about it I would get this fear in the pit of my stomach knowing that one day I was going to try to take a breath and wouldn't be able to and then for the next few minutes smother until my body died. I live the fear as though it's about to happen. I get this fear all the time now it's always going through my mind thoughts of dying popping up for no reason living it as though I've been put on a waiting list for surgery feeling the fear about the operation not knowing when I'm up but also knowing I can't stop it. Is there something that can help with this fear
Please help

Cyndi, Fear/phobias are usually the products of traumatic events experienced firsthand or sometimes transferred from someone else's fears as a child.

I suggest that you find a local experienced EFT (emotional freedom technique) practitioner and have one or two sessions with them. You can learn about the process on any of the hundreds of websites devoted to this easy, but powerful "energy medicine" practice, also called "tapping."

Have a look at sites like these:

Do a local web search using your town/city and EFT (not electronic funds transfer!). There are practitioners all over the world and many in OZ.

Best wishes for a fear-free life.

William Silver


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