I've been bothered by what I take to be extreme paranoia. In the past I've had strong fears that I was stricken with some deadly disease to the point where I then feared "what if I actually got diagnosed with it", even though I kept telling myself I would remember that. And then one day something reminded me of my fear and in my head I said "the day I got diagnosed". That thought took me by surprise and I said "where did that come from??" This has happened other times with other fears I've had, where I seem to involuntarily think/say things in my head that seem to give the impression that my fear is true or happened. Have you ever heard of this before? Does this happen to people?

Thank you in advance

Mike, you probably should have a full workup done by a professional clinic that can accurately diagnose your state of mental health. I am not a doctor and just try to provide some helpful avenues for the elimination of traumatic memories using the EFT process.

Sometimes, these traumatic thoughts are generated by something that is read, heard or experienced in childhood and stored away for future use. If you were young enough, you might not be able to recall it from your subconscious mind for review.

So, what does "the day I got diagnosed" mean to you, anyway? Have you had an actual diagnosis of some kind of serious illness or not? If you do know what this is about and the diagnosis setup a traumatic memory, then it is a good idea to clear it first.

There are millions of possibilities for little glitches in a person's mental health. Bi-polar, depression, hallucinations and many other symptoms can exist in the human brain. Some are hard-wired and others are more transient and there is an ability to shift those thought patterns using EFT.

Since EFT is a basically free option that causes no harm if it doesn't work for you, check it out at: for a step-by-step explanation of how to use this to your advantage. Getting help from a local practitioner would be advised and they can sort out pretty quickly whether this works for you or not. Search EFT+your city to find local practitioners who can assist you.

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