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Phobias/Debilitating phobia of thunderstorms


Hi. I am a woman in her thirties who is petrified of thunderstorms, and this fear is beginning to take over my life. I have struggled with generalized anxiety/severe panic attacks for years, and lately the problem seems to have gotten worse! I have been experiencing frequent, very intense and debilitating panic attacks that seem to come out of nowhere. I will be sitting there watching television for example, or in the car on my way to an appointment and all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere I am overcome with a sense of impending doom and a crippling fear. I break out into a cold sweat, start having trouble breathing, begin to shake and cry uncontrollably etc. etc. I literally feel like I am dying, and have no control over it. Earlier this week the area in which I live was struck (by not one, but TWO tornados) and while thank god no one was seriouslty injured or killed, they did it extensive damage and people told harrowing and compelling stories of their chance encounter with the tornados (which our weather service did not predict! By the time a warning WAS issued it was too late. The tornado was ALREADY on the ground and wreaking havoc on our community. Whenever there is a storm I watch our local weather network incessantly so that I can remain informed, but this time it didn't seem to make a difference. Dying in a tornado all alone is my biggest fear. I live alone, and my family doesn't take my phobia seriously. They seem to think I can control this, and I can't! Living in constant fear is awful. I have NEVER been truly at peace. I was always a worrier even as a kid! I think I may have developed an ulcer, and I feel sick to my stomach all the time. Its hard to enjoy life much at all when you live in a constant state of fear. Could you offer any suggestions/tips that might be helpful? I already take Ativan, but like how it makes me feel. Thank you for your time.

Alison, Most anxiety problems including phobias are due to unresolved traumatic memories, either experienced in real time or even when witnessed second hand, as in a television program or other news source. Once a phobia has taken root, it won't release unless you do something specific to help relieve the stress and the memories.

For over 30 years, people have received remarkable relief using the EFT (emotional freedom technique) process, also called "tapping" to discharge those kinds of energies permanently. EFT can be learned and used by yourself, but in severe cases I would recommend searching around for a local EFT practitioner who can assist you. Even if you are way out in the country, EFT sessions can be guided over the phone! Do a web search for EFT+ your city to find someone who can assist you.

For info on the basics, look at any of the many EFT-related sites like:  or

I know it seems like a strange process, but just let it do its magic on you when you commit to working with this technique that doesn't require lots of sessions and has no drug related issues to contend with. All you are doing is ironing out some wrinkles in your energy field and magic happens. There are no side-effects and no medications are involved whatsoever. Once you clear these phobias you should be able to let to of medications, but consult your doctor afterwards.

Best wishes,

William Silver  


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