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You know I have seen photography evolve we are getting m ore technology but am just wondering what the future of photography holds for us, any ideas on where it will lead us?

Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom  

Romantic bride & groom
Romantic bride & groom  

Thanks for your question about the future development of photography.

During the next couple of years we are going to see more merging of photography & video and more sophisticated consumer level multimedia productions.

As far as how this relates to the wedding photography industry which I'm very involved in, we are going to see "online interactive albums" which in a couple of years will compete against the new hard-cover book style albums and traditional wedding albums.  These interactive albums have pages which may be flipped.  On each page you may listen to audio and/or view videos.

Also due to digital photo enhancement software, flash will become almost a thing of the past. Camera flashes will hardly be needed anymore.  Mostly only pro photographers needing multi-flash arrangements might still use flash but eventually that too will become a thing of the past since normal indoor and outdoor light levels will be sufficient. The intelligent photo enhancement software automatically takes care of darkened eye sockets etc.

Cameras today with viewing glasses so photographers may hold their cameras up high above their heads and take well-composed shots which are also focused are on the horizon.  Just plug your stereoscopic glasses into your camera, you will then be able to see all your shooting data, mode etc., and what appears to be a large screen view through your camera lens floating a few feet out in front of you. This will make it very fast and easy to make sure you got the shot instead of having to pause to check focus, facial expressions etc on the little LCD screen on the camera. You can change the opacity of the camera view floating out in front of you by pushing a button, have it appear only for a few seconds after each shot or just turn it off all together. This will be coming out very soon.

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