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Hello John,

I'm starting a wedding videography business in Chattanooga Tennessee. What equipment do you recommend? What is the best way for me to get experience creating wedding videos? Can you offer suggestions for the least expensive way for professional videographers to promote wedding videography services? What editing software do you think is best for wedding video post-editing? Last question, can you explain ways for a wedding videographer and a wedding photographer to work together without getting in each other's way. Thanks

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Videographers specializing in wedding video creation normally acquire experience working under the guidance of a professional wedding videographer. After you have worked for a couple of years shooting weddings and learning about professional video equipment, you really know by then whether shooting wedding videos is what you really want to do. You should be sure it is what you want to do because of the financial investment, education and training and experience you MUST have BEFORE attempting to video weddings professionally.

Videographers in Chattanooga Tennessee are plenty. So you can get some great ideas for creative and professional wedding videos by visiting local wedding videographer websites. Doing a lot of this will help you develop an "eye" for the kind of wedding videos styles which are currently popular. You will also be able to determine a fair market value for your own work when you see what most Chattanooga wedding videographers are charging. Keep in mind that there are great differences in price based on the caliber of video cameras used, the number of video cameras which will be used in a given assignment, the number of camera operators and number of videos in the finished package as well as video post-production effects and music enhancements etc.

Even if price is no object, what equipment you will purchase will depend on what you believe the artistic and technical value of your work will be in the Chattanooga wedding videography market. If you think you have the artistic and technical competence to compete with the big dogs and that higher end clientele is who you want to target for customers, then I would recommend purchasing the "best" equipment you believe will enable you to achieve that goal.   Also in order to lock them in on a wedding videographer contract, there is a minimum fee they are naturally going to expect or they just won't book smaller or cheaper weddings knowing they will get booked for larger or more expensive weddings.

Since Wedding Photographics offers professional wedding videography services with wedding photography, our customers only have to pay one reservation deposit. Since we're already at the wedding to shoot photography, we don't have to charge additional travel and/or set-up fees for providing video services which an independent videographer would have to do. We can provide you complete coverage by shooting both video and still as a team with a shared creative vision - helping to ensure the bride receives a creative and coherent video production and wedding album - NOT a bad mix of conflicting video and photography styles! Beautiful photographs throughout her album and video to hear and see the exchange of wedding vows and more.  Your HD wedding video may be placed inside your Online Interactive Wedding Album is you choose to use our wedding album design services

We do NOT provide cinema style video as far as the videographer extensively "directing" the bride, groom and wedding party to create a movie production. We do not want to make actors out of you. This is especially important if you want us to shoot journalistically and capture great candid moments with our still cameras. It can be very difficult to photographically capture great candids if there is a videographer constantly trying to direct everyone like they are actors in a movie! But if the bride isn't interested in a whole lot of journalistic style wedding photography, we can then spend that time shooting more cinema style creative video with some gentle direction.

Popular video editing software include Vegas and Adobe Premier Pro. You will need to read up on which one might be best for your entire video hardware configuration.

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