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Do it yourself search engine optimization doesn't seem to be working well for me. I noticed your photography website performs very well in all the search engines for a large variety of search phrases. Can you provide me do-it-yourself SEO tips and tricks?  I don't have a lot of time to put into this. So any information that cuts through the chase and will provide effective search engine optimization would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Do it yourself search engine optimization is almost a contradiction in terms depending on your perspective.  While there are many home-based business owners who perform their own simple search engine optimization (SEO) tasks, your larger businesses with in-house around the clock SEO teams are aggressively achieving greater SEO success.  How can an individual person doing SEO part-time compete with that? Not well.  Of course, if your perspective is simply that of trying to bring your own website higher up in search results over competitors who are in the same boat as you, then you will probably achieve hits and misses just like they do.

Every savvy business owner wants to always find ways to keep expenses down. But depending on the business you are in (and the amount of competition) it can very well be worth the investment of hiring an independent freelance search engine optimization specialist to work for you.  Even part-time.  All of us have various talents, knowledge and abilities that makes each of us better at some things than others. A person who has several years of SEO experience WILL be able to get your website performing in the search engines with organic search results alone much better than the person just learning. And the experienced SEO professional will be able to more consistently keep your website where it may be found more easily by your targeted customers.  You will find this to be true especially for small to medium sized businesses which don't usually have much if any professional search engine optimization. The small to medium sized business owner who hires a single part-time or full-time SEO specialist and who has a search optimized website WILL outperform his or her competitors online.

Having said all this, since you are interested in do-it-yourself search engine optimization, here is a list of subjects which can help you out. Simply Google these words:

Google AdWords.
Keyword Discovery Filter Tool.
Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion Tool.
Meta Robots Tag.
Learn How To Do Both Sitemap XML & Sitemap HTML for one website.
Correct URL Structure.
Link Building.
Google Analytics.
Dayparting technique in Google Adwords.
Proper Keyword Density.
Optimizing Images with Alt Tag and Captions.
Consider Firefox Browser and install the SEO for Firefox plugin.
Install WordPress plugin.
Subscribe on YouTube to Google Analytics Channel.

There is not enough time and space to cover these topics in this article and the more familiar you are with these subjects, the better you will become at DIY search engine optimization.  Remember, there is no "magic button" ANYONE can push.  Not even many of the self-proclaimed SEO experts agree on which search optimization techniques would work best for different situations.  Search engine optimization is an art and science.  Mostly art. And the science is not rocket science - the science of search engine optimization is always evolving, especially as it is being driven by businesses seeking higher cost-effectiveness in their internet marketing campaigns.  This means the person who chooses to make a career of search engine optimization has got to constantly stay up with seach engine changes and the industry as a whole. And this means you have to do it full-time in order to develop successful skills and talents.  You don't have to be formally trained.  Like most other "art", you simply have to be someone who has a passion for it.  Your passion for it will drive you to success and enable you to help others achieve success. I love working together with other business owners for our mutual success. A very rewarding and satisfying line of work.

If you think you might like to consider hiring a search engine optimization specialist and website designer who can bring everything together to make your website work hard for your business, give me a call at 423-468-9621. While I do specialize in website design and search engine optimization for businesses which serve the wedding and event industry, I am available for other projects.

Thank you for your questions about do-it-yourself search engine optimization. For more information, visit my website at

- John


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