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Hi John,

I'm getting married in Chattanooga Tennessee. I've been checking out a lot of different wedding venues. I also went to the Formal Affair Bridal show and other bridal shows in Chattanooga. It looks like the best way to save myself some time and money would be to sign a contract for an all inclusive wedding package through one of the wedding venues. Do you provide wedding photography for any particular event venue in Chattanooga? Are most of the wedding vendors which work through a event location mostly inexperienced businesses?  What are the pros and cons of a bride signing on a wedding venue all inclusive wedding package? Thank you for your time.

Happy Bride
Happy Bride  
Hello Anne,

Thank you for your questions about all inclusive wedding packages offered by wedding venues in Chattanooga Tennessee. Here is a wedding and event directory which you will probably find very useful

It is certainly true you may save money as well as time and a lot of trouble if you sign on for a all inclusive wedding package. But just like so many other things in life, what you actually receive for the money paid can vary greatly from one event venue to the next.

The all inclusive wedding package is a great concept. I believe when it is done correctly by a Chattanooga wedding or event venue, it will provide the bride with almost any budget the greatest amount of quality and quantity services at the most competitive price. Most certainly at a substantial savings off the regular price she would have paid if she independently hired each wedding vendor herself. Of course, that would also mean extra time and vehicle gas for traveling around meeting with a variety of vendors until she found all the ones she wanted and which were available for her wedding date. Just finding the wedding vendors you would like to hire AND which are also available for your specific date can sometimes be frustrating and challenging. The all inclusive wedding package helps minimize this as well as saving the bride a lot of time and money.

Another thing brides should MAKE SURE of is that the money she pays for an all inclusive wedding package is actually going to take care of the vendors available through the venue. Brides should make sure the appropriate contracts or subcontracts with the vendors are in place and all appropriately signed. Some venues which have not been around but a couple of years may not actually have all the legal requirements in place. Brides should make certain the venue has actually passed on the required deposits to the participating vendors and ask for copies of the subcontracts. This way the bride can rest easy knowing for a fact that all participating parties are legally bound by contracts to provide the services the bride has paid to the venue. When a venue says they have retained your vendors BUT there are no contracts and no retainer fees have been paid to any of the vendors, this is business fraud. It is illegal and unethical. A venue operator which does this is perpetrating a business fraud and should be reported to the Tennessee Attorney General. Thankfully, the vast majority of venue operators manage their businesses according to the law. Sometimes venue operators may have fallen on hard financial times or they are under capitalized to start with and may not pay their vendors like they are suppose to and by the time your wedding has arrived, the venue has filed for bankruptcy protection and you arrive at an empty venue on your wedding day.

It is in your own best interest to use a venue which provides you copies of the contracts or subcontracts to help ensure and to assure you BEFORE your wedding day all the vendors and the venue will be legally required to perform for the money you paid . . . otherwise you have the contracts in hand to take them to court. Without copies of contracts, you are simply handing your money over to the venue and blindly trusting the venue will fulfill its obligations to you as well as distributing deposits to the vendors as required. It is in the best interest of the Tennessee consumer to receive copies of all contracts and subcontracts with vendors as well as the venue. Also follow up to make sure your good faith deposits are being provided to the vendors to help ensure they are all legally obligated to provide the services promised for your wedding date.  Also by having itemized pricing of everything, you will be better able to negotiate refunds or adjustments for anything which goes wrong.  You may also protect yourself from a venue which tries to hide its over-priced venue rent among the total all inclusive price.  Tennessee consumers also have a better chance of recovering money paid when done so by credit card.

For the best all inclusive wedding packages I think you will find in Chattanooga, check out The Wedding & Event Network at  She also has certified wedding planners optionally available as well to help ensure the perfect wedding day.  This business is NOT associated with any one particular venue.

- John


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