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I recently acquired two 1,000 watt continuous soft-boxes mounted on individual tripods. As a talent manager, and I have an aspiring actress scheduled to come in tomorrow to shoot an audition reel for the industry.

I've used them once so far, and the brightness and color diffusion is AWESOME, but the color "tone" of my video turned a bit dreary... not dark at all, but kind of bland. (Not being an experienced videographer/D.P. yet, I'm not familiar with all the terminology... I hope you can understand what I'm trying to communicate here.)

I also have a yellowish lamp that's actually used for construction purposes, and when I add that light... it gives my light a little more color/life. Is this OK to do?

My first video was shot at night, so my new continuous lights were the sole light source. Tomorrow, I'll have natural light coming through the windows... so that might solve my problem. But I just wanted to know if you've ran into this before or have any recommendations?

Thank you for your time.

Dear Mike,

Thanks for your inquiry. If you have two 1000 watt continuous softboxes, you have more than enough light to do a simple shoot, so adding your yellow light wouldn't do much anyway. If you're getting a bland look, it might indicate that there's too much light on your subject and your aperture setting on your camera might not be accurate. Most likely put your camera on automatic and set your white balance on automatic to ensure your camera can display your true colors on your subject.

Also you can always move the lights further back, or turning down the lights, either with dimmers built on the backside of light, or switches to lower your wattage, and thus opening your aperture on your video camera. This way, less light from your lights, and wider aperture would create better resolution on skin tones as opposed to being bleached or over exposed.

Hope this helps.

Brian Cantor


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