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Photography/Clearing Cloudiness Out of Photos Taken Through Foggy Condensated Camera Lens


I have a photo that was taken seconds after leaving an air-conditioned environment and stepping outside into Florida humidity, so the condensation that instantly developed on the lens appear as cloudy on the photo.  Is there software or a service that could alter/edit the photo to take away the cloudiness?

One of the reasons we shoot weddings as a team of two is so that one photographer may shoot outside and the other inside when we shoot at a venue where we know the environment differences. We sometimes also keep back-up lenses secured in our vehicle when we know there would otherwise be an issue with humidity and when we know we can conveniently grab those lenses when the time comes for certain outdoor shooting. Doing these things essentially guarantees we don't have to lose valuable time waiting for lenses to acclimate when we step outside to shoot an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Some creative photographers will actually breath warm breath on purpose over a camera lens and if needed wait as it clears until they see the desired amount of fog to shoot a "soft" focus image.

While we always bring a defog it kit with us (see Defog It) we still want to do everything we can to avoid possible lens damage caused by condensation inside the lens.

Just wanted to use your great question as an opportunity to share these things since you are asking a wedding photographer and for the sake of others shooting weddings for their benefit. Thank you for your question.

To specifically answer your question there is no software or service that can take away the cloudiness. In some situations where the fogginess isn't overly excessive, it is possible to increase contrast in photo post-editing and this will make the image appear to be "clearer". But the image quality overall still suffers. The only thing we can do at this time is just take the necessary precautions before shooting.

Thanks again for your question. Hope there may also be some other useful information here.

- John


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