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QUESTION: i am new to the photography world, ive been taking my son and nieces pictures but thats about it, i recently did newborns in my family and maternity, but im looking for a easier way to remember all these great ideas, without carring around a huge picture book. in need of a website i could look at samples. or shot lists i can find over the web, ive searched google, but its not help, help if you can.

ANSWER: Hi Sarah,
Forgive me, but first of all I am a little confused and feel as though I need a little more information from you.
Are you considering pictures taken in a studio setting, or pictures of children as they play and interact on site where ever that site may be?
Please go to "My Photo Album" on my website at this link: (You may have to copy and paste the link into your browser), and look through the pictures there and see if anything helps to make things clearer for you.
Once I hear back from you, I hope to have formed a clearer direction of where to go next to help you.

Real Kids Photography, LLC

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm sorry for the confusion, i don't know how exactly to ask, but basically what I'm looking for is a shot list of poses. the pictures i have taken of my son(12#, he was sitting on the steps holding a football looking up at me, my niece#3), she was standing in front of a pretty brick wall her feet were crossed and her hands were on her hips. i see all these different poses on your link, they are spectacular. i would just love to find an easy way to remember them all. and have them all catorgized. I've googled wedding shot list and they have great list, example. close up of rings, shoes, dress draped over chair, etc...
thats kinda what I'm looking for..hope that helps you, help me :)

Hi Sarah,
First, I would like to direct you to a post I wrote about the "rule of thirds."  Just go to: to read this post. If you learn to apply this to as many of your shots as you can, you will see your pictures improve significantly.

Second, you can open an account here in Shutter fly for free. Just use this link to sign up: and get free access to upload any pictures that you have taken and want to remember as a visual photo list. Then when you are out taking pictures, you can go to that website with your iphone and/or your ipad and if you have your WY FI turned on and can get a signal, you should be able to access your pictures on this website.
Please remember though that in direct sunlight, it may be difficult to see your images on these screens;just as it can be difficult to see them on the back of your camera after you have taken them. If you can, find a shady spot for viewing them.

The only other idea I can think of is to create a cheat sheet from the poses that you have already used,and want to remember by using a simple keyword(s) to jog your memory and bring the pose to mind.

I hope this helps you!

Real Kids Photography, LLC


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