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Hi Betty,
Just a basic question I hope.  I just got back into photography after a 20 plus year lapse.  Things have changed a great deal since film cameras!!!  I recently was given a very basic point and shoot style digital camera and have been trying to combine two photos into one.  The effect that I am looking for is to combine two photographs where one can be seen through the other.  I have been experimenting with Photoshop Elements 2.0 but, trial and error is taking too much time.  Jus wondering if you can point me in the right directions without taking too much of your time?  The concept I'm sure is easy, I am just lacking the knowledge to execute it.  

Thanks much...

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image 2882
image 2882  
Hi Tim,
First of all, you will need a Photoshop CS program, which you can purchase here: and you will probably want to purchase the self help book too. I always use the books, because there is too much to remember except for the things that you do all the time.
 I was hoping to be able to upload some images, because I took two images and combined them for you. We'll have to see if this program lets me do it. Please note that I am using the regular Photoshop CS program here, however the newer editions vary only slightly (I also have CS2 and CS5.

Here goes: Open image 2882 (JPG format) and open image 2821 also. For our purposes please make sure that your images are from the same camera and the same image sizes.
With image 2821 choose new layer>overlay>check box 50% neutral gray>opacity choose 50% (and make sure your square box is white on top of black in the tools on the upper left of your screen. Usually selecting X will change it from black to white.
 Using the "move" tool drag layer from image 2821 to 2882 which will move your image and create a new layer. Then use the "eraser" tool>opacity 48%>flow 41% and adjust your brush size to erase your image and let the image below show through.
 Please remember that these percentages are just guesses on my part and can be changed to your liking.
 Then choose Layer(at the top)>flatten image>save as, and give it a new name.

 I hope that you can follow this, as it can take a little effort to master a Photoshop CS program. However, it is worth it.
 Just to give you a heads up, I will slowly be transforming my website: to a website about using photographs as art, because as you can see from your question, you can do some really neat things in Photoshop.

Warm regards,
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