Could you tell me which of these lighting instruments u would use to recreate the scenario that appears in the picture!
its 3 picture and this is lighting for camera in movies >?
I made these as video in youtube .

And by the way this is not homework i m just self-learning for my own knowledge .


First off will the lights you will using are strobes or continuous?

From looking at these three examples, it seems both can be used, but depending on the effect you want. Continuous will give you solid blacks, dramatic effects.

First example seems the main light of coming from her left side, as well as above. You can create this from strobes, but set the wattage low, probably 100-300 watts. make sure the back lights are turned off so the background appears black. (You can also create this with Photoshop.)

The second example seems the main light off her face is dimmed, while you have two key lights on her side and head. Again, you can achieve this effect either with strobes and continuous lights.

Last example, main lights are positioned looking down on her, while key light on the right side is dimmed, maybe off. Of course the light above her head and back lights are lit.

You can create this effect with any lighting kit, all this looks basic.

Hopes this helps.  


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