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I have several old family photographs from the early 1900's and even some tin prints.  I also have some artists pictures from the late 1800's.  I have limited funds and would like to know if there is and inexpensive way to store them.  My father just had them in a box but they are in really good condition.  I want to protect them from moisture as some of them do have slight water damage.  I was told it was safe to store them in zip lock plastic food storage and sandwich bags, is this true?  If not could you please tell me another method that is inexpensive.

Thank You

Find a cool, dry place and find something that is acid free to put the photos between. You can buy acid free paper but it is more expensive than regular large pieces of paper. And you need acid free storage containers. I assume that you could use plastic boxes for this but I cannot be sure. I suggest you talk to a librarian as they need to store books in a similar way that you need to store photos. Hopefully they have some ideas for you.
I wish you luck.


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