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The Temple of Saturn-Rome
The Temple of Saturn-R  
QUESTION: I have PHOTO, in its original fram and we have had it for over 30 years.  It is take b Alfred S. Cambell Art Co. Elizabeth N.Y. and it is a phot take in Rome, "The Temple of Saturn.  It has people in the photo and is extremely old and fragile.  It is a single photo and I want to know if it has any value.

ANSWER: Hello Maria from a fellow (but former) Buckeye!

That's an interesting question.  I hadn't heard of the company, so I did a quick Google search and found a couple interesting links. This first one is for another of their photos, which is currently on sale on eBay for just under $25:

And here's a very brief history of the firm:

Now if the above eBay item sells before it closes in four days, then I suppose you could say your photo is worth about $25. If it doesn't sell, then perhaps not.

I'd also recommend contacting a local auction house that does free appraisals over the Web. (For example, if there's a Skinner branch near you, they'd be a good choice.) You could email them a photo of the item and see what they say.

Best of luck with your quest!



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: this is not a Lithograph, it is a single photo.


Hi Again,

In that case, I again suggest that you contact a local auction house who might have real experience with appraising very old photos. However, be prepared for the fact that photographs weren't even considered to be art for many, many years. And even today, it often takes a name like "Ansel Adams" (or the signature of some other famous photog) to elevate an image to the status of valuable art. We recently attended a Skinner auction where some very old sepia-toned photos signed by a person (and not just by a company) were "passed" for lack of interest. So see if you can get a professional appraisal, but please don't be too disappointed if the valuation is fairly low!




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