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Hi John,

I'm getting married in 10 months and I would really like to lose about 30 pounds to fit into the gown of my dreams. But also if I don't lose my target weight, is there photoshop techniques that can be used to make me look thinner without my having to pay the photographer a whole lot for that kind of retouching? There is a wedding photographer in town who does bridal lingerie photography and romantic boudoir photography. I have a disc and I would like certain images to be enhanced and I would like to be smaller looking. Do you edit bridal lingerie photos for brides who have not yet achieved their weight loss program goals?

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Hi Jan,

Thank you for your questions regarding weight loss centers and programs for brides-to-be in Chattanooga.

Yes, there are a few quick and easy photoshop techniques to make photographic subjects appear slimmer. But the best technique to use is appropriate posing and composition so that you will not be made to appear larger. Every wedding I shoot I always make sure the bride, all the bridesmaids and mothers also receive any special facial retouching and air brushing to smooth slight imperfections in their skin. This service is already included in my pricing because I feel professional wedding photography should include these services.

No problem about retouching bridal lingerie photos and romantic boudoir photography. As long as you have a full copyright release of the images from the photographer, I can retouch to lose as much weight as you want.

There are several weight loss control centers in and around Chattanooga for brides who have some concerns about looking their very best on their special day.

According to a recent survey of 1,000 brides by Fitness magazine, 83% of brides-to-be wanted to shed weight before their wedding day and many were ready to take drastic actions to shed the pounds.

These days brides are spending more money and wearing more revealing dresses than ever before. Today there are more brides who are body-conscious and some who are going under the knife, fasting, diet pills and even putting off their wedding dates in order to hit their ideal weight.

Dieticians warn that fasting makes brides irritable and stress rises because fasting doesn't provide sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals and blood suger.  Then couple this with diet pills which are high in caffeine  and the bride-to-be may experience racing heart, acid reflux, irritable bowels and anxiety disorders.

Most dieticians and doctors recommend a sensible diet and exercise to begin around six months to 1 year before the wedding.  Unfortunately many brides-to-be still resort to more drastic measures.

The best plan is to talk with a weight loss professional.  It is best to first find out how much if any weight really needs to be lost, at least from a health standpoint.  Then depending on many different factors to be considered, a reasonable diet and exercise program can be created specifically to help the bride lose weight in a safe manner and maybe even help make it easier for her to keep any excess weight off.

In the Chattanooga area I would like to recommend a nutrition and wellness coach, author and health advocate James Igani.  He practices what he teaches and he is in great shape.  Visit his website at

- John


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