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Since you've been in the wedding industry of Chattanooga for the past 10 years, who are some event and wedding vendors you recommend in the Chattanooga area? Which vendors have you worked with the most?  Which vendors do you recommend the most highly?

Jordan Bridal
Jordan Bridal  
Most all established event and wedding vendors who have been in business at least 10 years have all probably worked with one another several times over the years.  I'm so busy and so are the other vendors doing the jobs we have been hired to do that most of us probably don't really know just how often we have worked the same weddings.

To be perfectly honest, there really are a lot of great talented wedding vendors in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee.  As far as other photographers go, I have counted there to be around forty of us.  Probably only about five of us specialize in wedding photography and do it as a full-time career.  But whether a photographer is full-time or part-time, member or not a member of some professional organization, all that really matters is whether you like the photographer's work and feel comfortable with the photographer and pricing for their services. It is probably best just to search the internet to make a list of photographers who's work you like and then narrow down to the top three which are available for your wedding date.

Thanks for you questions about event and wedding vendors.

- John


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