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I would like to take pictures of myself for social media. I am interested in photography DIY projects and I would like to make a cheap portable photography studio.

The studio kit should be really portable, so it can be carried around in a backpack or briefcase and setup according to needs. The kit should also act as a portable filmmaking/video kit when I need it.

So my question is can you direct me to an article or site with the designs of such a cheap portable studio kit?
Can you suggest, what type of lights, reflectors, stands, backdrops etc I should look for?

Hi back to you,

You can reference the items in my post that would be useful for you. Please just go to: Easy Home Photo Studio For Photographing Grand Kids and research the article I wrote.  However, you may need a portable table and chair instead of the little table in the article.

Here is another link that should be valuable to you because it includes both a green chromakey muslin backdrop and a portable backdrop stand with a carrying case too:

CowboyStudio Photography 10 X 12ft Black, White & Chromakey Green Muslin Backdrops with Background Support System and Carry Bag

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